Together Ibiza, would this email marketing make you want to go back?

I recently received an email from Together Ibiza trying to entice me to go back to the white isle for the summer of 2015. The way Together Ibiza tried this was by emailing me a teaser promotional video of what the trip would be like. For this email there was no personalisation, not even a hello Jordan. It was simply just an email with the video and then links to their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.


I watched the the promotional video and indeed it did make me want to go back to Ibiza. The imagery of the video definately worked on me and all I had to do to watch it was to press play. There was no uneccessary jargon within the email that could of made it longer and possible lose my interest.

According to Ellis-Chadwick & Doherty, pictures help engage the readers and sustain attention. And interactiveness can lead to more information processing and increases user involvement. This is definately true within the Together Ibiza email, once the video is complete there are links for other Together Ibiza videos. So this gets more click throughs.

The only way this email could of been improved is if it was more personalised to the recipient. But all in all this video makes me want to go back to Together Ibiza.


Ellis-Chadwick, F., & Doherty, N. F. (2012). Web advertising: The role of e-mail marketing. Journal of Business Research, 65(6), 843-848.