Piñatex and Dr.Marten Instagram


These are two of are the mock up instagram posts that promote the brand on both Dr. Martens and Piñatex instagram accounts, they are both slightly different to be cohesive with both brand identities. All images are made by me other than the boot template which I go off of the internet. I strongly believe that instagram is a great way to promote a campaign as it is a free platform to use and is the most popular social media platform, used mainly by gen-z. 59% of instagram users are under the age of 30 which is a huge volume of young people using the app everyday, in fact it is thought that 72% of teenagers use the app everyday. I found these statistics on Hootsuite and in an insert in my sketchbook I have circled the statistics that I found most interesting. With this campaigns core message of inspiring gen-z to go sustainable, it is a ‘no-brainer’ that Instagram is the appropriate platform to use.

Another factor as to why I have chosen to promote this collaboration and campaign through Instagram is after reading a academic journal How TOMS’ “one day without shoes” campagin brings stakeholders together and co-creates value for the brand using Instagram as a platform. The academic piece talks about the shift change in marketing and how marketing is now online, offering individuals with the opportunity of interaction. It also says that social media has been the key to collaboration brands where previously not possible due to platforms such as, Instagram allowing companies and stake holders the opportunity of imagination.

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