[:en]Judith Ann Braun[:]

[:en]Keeping with the youthful vibe I have been looking at the work of Judith Ann Braun, pictured in figure 81.

Figure 80

After an interesting career spanning over 30 years it has lead her onto her current project of  “Symmetrical Procedures” that combines all of her previous work alongside new photocopying techniques. The figure painting is what I am most interested in which is shown below in figures 80, 82, 83 and 89.

Figure 83

Figure 84


Figure 80

Figure 82

Figure 89 is my favourite as it has a sense of movement flowing through the bright yellow colour. It is also interesting that there is a conflicting element to the piece and the bright and happy yellow is flowing through the dark black abyss. Even though this artist focuses on a feminist approach within her beliefs and not sustainability, I have been influenced by her work through its movement and fun colours. It reminds me of being younger at nursery doing finger painting with my class. This is a factor I want to have flowing through my print experimentation.[:]

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