[:en]John Sabraw[:]

[:en]With a mixture of research and a strong interest in the issues of sustainability, John Sabraw, pictured in figure 78, is able to produce his work.

Figure 78

Scientists and environmentalists help him within his work to understand what environmental factors are currently going on. John Sabraw is mostly interested with the metaphysical issues faced as a conscious species in his pursuit of creating a completely sustainable practise. It has been through his research that he has been inspired to produce these amazing pieces of art in figures 76-79 from toxic sludge. In order to produce the pigments that make up these rich colours John Sabraw and his partner Guy Riefler collect the toxic acid mine drainage (AMD) waste before it enters streams. Instead of letting this toxic substance entering these streams it is collected and then turned into paint pigment. In order to do their bit for the environment, John Sabraw and his team are working towards selling the product on a commercial level as they feel that a closed-loop approach is the best way to help the environment. The money from this project will be invested towards stream remediation so they can help clean the environment.

The pigment can be seen within his work in figures 76 through to 79.

Figure 76

Figure 77


Figure 79

What I love about his work is the fact that they are produced by sustainable materials and is a clear indiction that there are people out there working towards a sustainable future. Figure 78 has inspired me the most as it is youthful and has a playful feel which is two elements that I want to feed through my campaign. The image looks like a leaf print which has inspired me to look into printing with natural elements. What I have found with a lot of my research is that people are in the early days of finding a sustainable approach in all aspects of life, I want this to change and I believe the key to this is offering younger generations with the tools and knowledge of sustainability with the hope that they will take the research already out there and search in more depth.[:]

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