Week 9 :: Publication Competitors, Shoot Moodboards, Visual Identity and Film photos


More or Less is a magazine that highlights the areas of consumption through engaging fashion and lifestyle imagery using photography and still life as well as creative concepts expressed through styling and stylized fonts. I also looked at Ordinary Magazine who are a quarterly photography and fine art publication that works with various artists to create unique content that is centre around one object that accompanies the magazine. Another competitor who i though matched my publication well is Hot Hot Hot! Magazine who are a new publication that uses fashion photographing to make contemporary and innovative solutions through visual stigmatism that explore the new future.


With the analysis of different topic areas within sustainability that capture waste in different ways, I began to build some initial ideas for editorial shoots and spread contents. I have looked at different style in ways that I can represent this relevant topic in a way that will suit my main demographic. Whilst looking at making my content quite vibrant and playful, i wanted to create a very minimal and typographic publication so created a moodboard that incorporated very sporadic layouts and large text that build impact.


Over the course of the last few months i wanted to include images of discarded items from the streets of Brighton so have been taking my film camera around with me and capturing things I find. This has been a long process as i found there was a real repetition of items that people had left.

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