Artist Research // Derick Melander


I also looked at Derek Mellanders work who is also an American artist who works with large scale pieces that are made using second hand clothing and wooden frames for support. -Figure 149 and 150 ‘All is actually each (after Aldous Huxley), 2018’ was a commissioned pieces suing clothes from  a take back and reuse program. This programme preserves garments of any condition by repairing, cleaning and reselling these to women in need as well as being made into new products.  Figure 147 ‘ceaselessly Broken and reconstituted, 2017’ Is another commissioned piece by diesel using second hand clothing that has be stylised using a consistent flow of colour. I found this pieces really interesting as it showed how the use of an item that was regarded as waste can be constructed into a unique and conceptual piece of art. In addition, the use of scale in his work, making his installations larger rather than small, puts into perspective the amount of disregarded garments that can sourced for projects like this.

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