Viviane Sassen- Floral inspiration (Part 2)

Vivianne Sassen was a main inspiration for my photography. Along with the ‘Flamboya’ series i also looked at her ‘In bloom’ series which has incorporated bright florals and vibrant clothing to create flamboyant imagery. I liked the mix the styling aspect the most as they have used a variation of garments that contrast with the flowers for example the second image enraptures a grunge style however it works well due to the bright colouring. I also thought that the movements in the images were interesting as although it distorts the models face it shows interesting movement in both the clothing and the models hair.

in-bloom-viviane-sassen-dazed-digital-1 Cohabitaire_DazedConfused_tulipfashion12 in-bloom-viviane-sassen-dazed-digital-5-600x783

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