Researching Layouts for Physical Portfolio

I’ve scanned and edited all my final pictures for my physical portfolio. I’m going to edit them together on  5-7 A3 pages. I’ve decided to not make my portfolio into a book but as seperate sheets. I’ve had a look at other portfolios online and drawn a layout idea:

Physical Portfolio layout examples from Issuu.com:

Physical portfolio layout examples from Pintrest:

My hand drawn layout plan:



Today I had a go at making a creative resume. I tried using some online templates but didn’t like that I couldn’t use my own fonts and lots of the online ones were expensive. I tried some free templates on Word but didn’t like those either so just started making my own template using collumns on Word. I made my page size A3.


Today I designed my business cards using ‘Banana Print’ online.  I decided to keep my design quite simple and just have a white background but also incorporate a bit of colour with the images. I used two examples of my work to give a taste of my style of work. I used the same font as my logo for my contact info. I’ve ordered them online so they should arrive soon. I’m really pleased with the design. This is a screenshot of the PDF file:




I’ve had another go at creating a logo on Photoshop and I’m much happier with this one. I tried out another font and decided to keep it quite minimal.


I’m really pleased with this logo. I’ve also added my tagline to show who I am. I decided to go for “artist and illustrator” as I feel that describes me best as I don’t want to be only associated with illustration.


Business Card Inspiration

Today I had a look on Pintrest for business card examples. I wanted to get a feel of what colours/styles and how much imagery other people have used. Also whether to do it landscape or portrait. I saved my research to a folder I named ‘Portfolio Project’.

I also had a look on Behance:


This afternoon I had a tutorial with an illustration tutor, Chris. I brought in all my artwork and we sifted through them and decided which ones were my strongest work and what I should include in my portfolio.

I have decided not to include work from many uni projects as I feel that work is not my best and does not define me as an artist. Chris told me to only include artwork that I enjoy doing and would like to do again, as I wouldn’t want to create something I didn’t want to. We narrowed it down to 12 and I’m happy with those pieces.

Chris advised that I develop these pieces further and to keep a sketchbook on me at all times. He also told me to check out illustrators Catell Ronca and Olivia Bullock.