I am happy with these illustrations, however if I’d had longer I would have loved to have included more body types. I would also have liked to play around with the colour a bit more. The reason I have coloured them in these unnatural colourful pastel colours is because I didn’t want race to play a part. By making the races of these bodies unknown it helps to celebrate diversity because there is no judgement. I researched into celebrating the diversity of women’s bodies as this is such an important topic.


SP- Space Layout talk this morning. she showed us different magazine layouts and recommeneded artists to look at.

This afternoon I saw Jules and showed her my sketchbook. I haven’t been to any exhibitions yet so she told me a few to go to. I am going to go to London this weekend so I can go to some exhibitons.


I am in a group with Teresa, Holly, Rosie and Olly. We are Group 1. We had a meeting today with Maria. We established our roles in the group: Myself and Holly – Art Direction and Layout, Rosie – PR and campains, Olly and Teresa – Photography and styling.

Maria told us to think about our audience for our magazine, the age group we are trying to reach, their interests and whether we are mainstream or alternative.

I started my sketchbook today.