Today I decided to look into quilts more. I love that they often tell a story. After looking into face wipes a few weeks ago I’ve been collecting them. I read a few articles about how terrible they are for the environment and many contain plastic so will never properly disintergrate. They end up in the oceans because people flush them down toilets even though it says on the packaging not to. They also clog up sewers.

I’ve also been looking into face wipes because I love all the colours and patterns and shapes the make up makes. After reading ‘Stain’ I’ve been noticing more stains and the make up creates a stain on the wipes. I like that all the faces saw different things. I’m excited to see how this will turn out.

I’ve decided to sew all my collected face wipes together to create a quilt. I’ve bought a small handheld sewing machine from Tiger. I want to create something big and eye catching with a message about how bad they are for the environment. I’m using face wipes because its a way I can incorporate recycling into my project.

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