An international student’s guide to Easter in the UK

Easter. The biggest event in the Christian calendar and celebrated all over the world. If you’re a Christian it marks when Christ dies and is resurrected from the dead. If you’re not religious Easter marks the celebration of Spring and new life after a long and probably cold Winter. Read our short international student guide to…

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Surviving your first year at university

University student, Shaaira Meghji shares her thoughts on surviving your first year at university. Have you ever been so careful with money your parents gave you that you accounted for each penny? Yup, that was me, so afraid to spend it all that I’d be left stranded, afraid to ask my dad only because I…

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An international student’s guide to culture shock

What is culture shock? Arriving to Mexico for my study year abroad, I suddenly found myself on the other side of the world feeling totally overwhelmed by unfamiliar places, strange university procedures and new transportation systems. I navigated my way through these experiences, confusing and amusing the locals with my minimal Spanish that also made…

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An international student’s guide to the Student Union

All UK universities have one. It’s an essential part of UK university life, but not all international students know what the Students’ Union is and what it can do for them. What is a Students’ Union? The National Union of Students (the NUS) is a organisation that supports and promotes students’ rights and issues. Each UK…

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Departure board

An international student’s guide to going home: reverse culture shock

You’ve completed your course, exams and assessments are over – you’re finished. Going home may have been far from your mind, but now the date of your departure from the university and the UK is fast-approaching. pre-departure admin Before you leave there are many ‘administrative tasks’ you’ll need to do. You may wish to close bank accounts…

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Can international students vote?

UK politics – it’s just keeps on giving. In case you haven’t heard there will be another General Election in the UK in December. Brexit is the main reason why a General Election is taking place. Other issues that are a high priority at this election are how much money should be allocated healthcare? Should…

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Your first Christmas in the UK

If this will be your first Christmas in the UK you’ll find useful information about what to expect on this page. You may have already noticed festive decorations and lights in the main shopping areas, as well as Christmas menus in local cafés and restaurants. It’s generally a time of year where everyone gets into…

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10 tips for a new international student… from a former international student

Abhishek Kumar Mishra completed his MEng in Electrical and Electronics Engineering in 2015. He now works as a research assistant for Brookings India for Energy and sustainability. Abhishek kindly took time out of his busy schedule to give us some advice for new international students at the university.

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