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International Student Hardship Fund

The University of Brighton has an International Student Hardship Fund for students who pay international tuition fees, and are experiencing temporary financial hardship.  

We have received some additional funding from the Office for Students to support students in financial need, which we have added to the existing fund to help with applications between now and July.  

Who can apply 

The fund is open to all current, full fee paying international students who are experiencing short term financial problems that could not reasonably have been anticipated. These include:  

  • Unexpected costs associated with your studies. 
  • Unexpected cost associated with your personal circumstances.  
  • An unexpected temporary reduction in income.  

Some examples of things students might apply to the fund for are: 

  • High course costs. 
  • Loss of part time employment.  
  • The financial impact of a national crisis – please note we cannot consider applications based solely on a change in currency exchange rates. 
  • A one-off unexpected expense, such as unexpected travel home due to family bereavement.  
  • Students with a disability who would benefit from assistive technology like Dragon naturally speaking, or note taking software.  
  • Students who are unable to work due to disability, ill health or caring responsibilities. 

This list is not exhaustive, and we will consider applications that cover a range of circumstances. In all cases you will need to show evidence that you are in financial hardship or will be in financial hardship as the result of having to cover those costs and not to cover a gap in your funding, or because you have not made adequate financial provision for your studies.  

Applications to meet course fees or as a result of changes in exchange rates with the students home currency will not be considered. 

Please note: Students can only apply once per academic year unless there has been a significant change in circumstances since last applying. 

If you started your course less than 4 months ago please contact the International Student Advice and Support Team at to discuss whether you are eligible to apply to the fund so early in your studies.

When to apply  


1st and 2nd year students: please apply by 9th June 2023. 

Final year students: please apply by Friday 5th May 2023.  


You must apply no later than 2 months before your course end date.  


How to apply 

There is a short MS Teams application form to complete available on our webpages along with guidance on what information and evidence to provide. 

Sarah Herbert • March 29, 2023

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