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A simple method for the production of large volume 3D macroporous hydrogels for advanced biotechnological, medical and environmental applications

Scientific Reports 6, Article number: 21154 (2016) doi:10.1038/srep21154


Affinity binding of antibodies to supermacroporous cryogel adsorbents with immobilized protein A for removal of anthrax toxin protective antigen.

Ganesh fig4


The in vitro characterization of a gelatin scaffold, prepared by cryogelation and assessed in vivo as a dermal replacement in wound repair

Ross, paper


Cryogels: Morphological, structural and adsorption characterisation


Cryotropic gelation technique allows the synthesis of solid and soft macroporous gels. ► Textural characterisation of cryogel in native superhydrated state with noninvasive methods. ► Adsorption and diffusion characteristics of macroporous cryogels with respect to macromolecules and cells. ► Theoretical modelling of adsorption from aqueous media.

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