Welcome to Dr Savina’s Research Group blog.

Dr. I. Savina, Senior Lecturer in Physical Chemistry, PhD in Polymer Chemistry, is an expert in the developing of novel material for biomedical and environmental application. She has been working in developing novel macroporous polymers, cryogels for more than 15 years and holds 2 patents on the novel cryogel preparation. Dr Savina has considerable experience in polymer chemistry, surface modification, and material characterisation. She is actively participating in national and international industry-focused research (UK Department of Trade and Industry, National Science Foundation, British Council, European Commission) and is a member of the Engineering and Physical Science Research Council (UK), the National Centre of Science and Technology Evaluation of Republic of Kazakhstan and European Commission expert panel.
Here you will find information about her research group, current and previous research projects, publications and opportunities for the collaboration and work in the group.

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