inktober 2017 day 12

I’ve been digital inking the last couple of days, drawing directly on an ipad pro with an apple pencil. I’ve used Autodesk Sketchbook, and have to say it’s been really very intuitive.

When I’ve tried this sort of setup in the past with a wacom Creative Stylus and an ipad air it was a bit of a fight, so it seems the technology has settled down. The Pencil connects without a fuss, and automatically turns off other rogue touches from fingers and palms, meaning I don’t have to hover my hand in the air. The system is sensitive enough to know when I’m pinching and dragging though, very clever.

K is for Kraken

The line control is good, and the pressure sensitivity gives a bit of variation. I’ll carry on with the ipad sketching this week, and maybe dig out the old ipad and wacom stylus to compare.

Meanwhile at Moulsecoomb Marion has been sketching her chickens for inktober.

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