Green for Go

Spring warmth and sunshine is developing the garden into a lush green oasis. Seedlings of coreopsis and chamomile have been planted and the main crops of madder, woad and weld are really looking good.


Madder in the foreground and flowers of woad behind which will develope into seed for next year’s crop.

Weld starting to develope it’s flowering spikes.

Woad leaf

A New Garden at Grand Parade

A new garden is being planted at Grand Parade in the green space beside the Waste House.
Planting will begin this Spring and will include a collection of berry plants and vegetables, all of which can be harvested for different coloured inks.
The new ink garden will partner the already established Dye Garden which has been growing plants for dye for a number of seasons.
This blog will keep you up to date with the development of the garden and provide links to other useful resources for anyone interested in the growing and processing of plants for natural inks and dyes.