Dye Garden June 2021

The coreopsis appears to have survived the recent stormy weather and is growing on strongly. It will be needed for a Dyelab workshop in July so hoping to see some flower buds soon.

Lots of weld seedlings which will need thinning out. These will provide a harvest for next year. Weld is an essential plant for the dye garden as it produces a strong yellow dye which has good list fastness properties.

Back From Lockdown

March 2021

At last, work can restart on the dye garden after a year of absence.

Most of the plants have survived the very dry season last year. But some areas will need replanting and weeding.

A larger patch of comfrey has been planted, teasel and cornflower seed has been sprinkled so hoping for some warm weather and spring rain to see them germinate.

A peacock butterfly was spotted sunbathing near the garden

Storing the flower heads

We have been collecting the flower heads of four plants: coreopsis, rudbeckia, chamomile and cosmos. These have been harvested over a few weeks now and left to dry out in open paper bags. We are also starting to save seed from these plants. It will be interesting to compare the colour extracted from dried flower heads to fresh.