Dr Ian A. Gass (miss that hoodie!)

Dr Ian A. Gass
(miss that hoodie!)

After three years at Edinburgh making hundreds of iron(III) complexes and arguing about football I somehow managed to finish my PhD bang on time in Sep 2008. I then went to Florence for a conference, got married and then moved to Monash University to take up a postdoctoral position with the irrepressible Keith Murray this time exploring iron(II) complexes. After five happy years I grew tired of the amazing weather, high wages and unbelievable wine and managed to secure a move to the tropical climes of balmy Brighton in January 2014 where I have been irritating people since. To those that do not know me I am a straight down the line inorganic chemist which involves growing crystals of metal complexes and then plotting lots of graphs. I have a special interest in metal radical systems which seem to do just about everything and are especially useful in the fields of molecular magnetism and molecular electronics. If anyone has any ideas about combining the magical world of metal complexes with something that may actually be of use to somebody, then email me ( or come and visit!


Undergraduate Students

Jack Bailey – Derivatised TEMPO complexes for switchable SMMs.

Simon Easton – Nickel based metal radical complexes for molecular magnetism.

Blaise Geogheghan – Cobalt based metal radical complexes for tuneable SMMs.

Amanreet Randhawa – Alkyl chain containing metal complexes for drug delivery.


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