67th and 68th PFC: Update

HyHP Project: 67th Parabolic Flight Campaign. A pre-flight check of the system in full operation. Everything works fine!

Photos from the inside of the A310 Zero-G.


Press here for a little guided walk-through of the outside of the A310 Zero-G.


And here for a guided walk-through of the inside of Novespace’s A310 Zero-G flying lab in flight configuration!


Stay tuned for more updates!

67th and 68th ESA Parabolic Flight Campaigns

Our modular experimental rack is ready for the upcoming 67th and 68th ESA Parabolic Flight Campaigns. Two different PHP Configurations, a single loop PHP and our Space PHP configuration are going to be thermally characterized during microgravity and hyper gravity slots. Synchronized high speed and IR imaging is going to be utilized in addition to the thermal characterization measurements in both cases. The rack and both experiments have passed the technical inspection from Novespace and all equipment have been loaded to a van and are currently travelling to Bordeaux for the final before flight arrangements.

Our modular rack can be seen in the back, loaded with the space PHP configuration in the Multiphase Thermofluids Laboratory in the Advanced Engineering Centre of University of Brighton. The Single loop PHP experimental cell can be seen in the front, placed on a table (Fig. 1).

Fig. 1

View of the in-flight configuration of the modular rack, loaded with the Space PHP experimental cell (Figs. 2 and 3).

Fig. 2

Fig. 3

Loading the rack and additional equipment to a van in order to start our new microgravity experience  (Figs. 4- 7).

fig 4

fig 5

fig. 6

fig. 7

Stay tuned for more updates during and after the completion of the two parabolic flight campains.

British Science Festival

The event took place at Brighton Palace Pier on Friday 8th of September 2017. The research team of HyHP engaged with the general public and discussed with individuals the particulars of their research regarding the thermofluidic behavior of closed loop passive heat transfer devices in microgravity (at a level suitable for general public) and inspire the visitors to experience the same as astronauts or PFC experimenters (albeit at different levels of duration and g values) in the roller coaster and discussed afterwards with the “crew” about their experience. So, it was all about inspiration and fun.

The 66th ESA Parabolic Flight Campaign starts!

The new experimental rack, built at the University of Brighton for 0 g missions, is travelling now to Bordeaux for the 66th ESA Parabolic Flight Campaign with two staff on board and two technicians.

This is the first UoB mission in microgravity with our own modular rack!

Photographs of the mission’s preparation can be found: https://blogs.brighton.ac.uk/hyhp/image-gallery/ ‎

You can also visit the youtube channel of the Project



and Facebook pages of Prof. Marengo:


Moreover we are going to prepare a media coverage during the flight week from 16th May.

Keep tuned!

HyHP Kick-off meeting: The Presentations

EPSRC HyHP Project: Objectives, Working Plan and Deliverables, by Prof. Marco Marengo



Upgraded Pulsating Heat Pipe only for Space (U-PHOS): Results of the 22nd REXUS Sounding Rocket Campaign and Development of the ISS Prototype, by Dr Mauro Mameli



Hybrid Thermosyphon/Pulsating Heat Pipe: Ground and Microgravity Experiments, by Dr Daniele Mangini



Enhanced VOF-Simulations of Phase-changing Interfaces, by Dr Anastasios Georgoulas



LP Modeling of a Pulsating Heat Pipe, by Prof. Marco Marengo


HyHP Kick-off Meeting on 4th of April 2017

The kick-off meeting of the EPSRC HyHP Research Project will be held in Brighton (room 808 in Cockcroft Building, Moulscoomb Campus). It will be an interaction between the academic and the industrial partners that support the Project. The Principal Investigator of the Project, Prof. Marco Marengo, will initially present the Objectives, the Working Plan and the Deliverables of the EPSRC HyHP Research Project. Presentations about the state-of-the-art of the three main brunches of the HyHP Project will also take place by Dr Mauro Mameli,  Dr Daniele Mangini and Dr Anastasios Georgoulas (Co-investigator of the Project). Finally, the participants will also talk about the Project’s Timetable, the Applications and the Industrial Involvement and the Dissemination of the Project to the Public.

The agenda of the Kick-off meeting: The agenda-1ae21gp