68th ESA parabolic flight campaign

The School’s experiment being flown on this campaign is a Single Loop Pulsating Heat Pipe which features high speed infrared imaging, high speed visible spectrum imaging and pressure and temperature measurements; with the overall aim to observe and characterise the thermofluid behaviour of a working fluid in varying gravity conditions.

More background on the EPSRC founded research project can be found here
 You can also follow the plane in flight via www.flightradar24.com, filtering for aircraft registration number  F-WNOV.  The aircraft is currently flying at the tip of Brittany and earlier over the channel in view of Dorset. Try the speed&altitude graph function to see the parabolas as they occur!
Over the next three days the flights will take off roughly at 08:00 UK time – for a duration of approx. 3 hours.
Finally, on this campaign we are very proud to have two high profile team members:
  • Libby Jackson, Manager of the Human Spaceflight and Microgravity Programme at the UK Space Agency, who will be helping us with the high speed imaging data collection in flight.
  • Captain BrightOne, our new flying Mascot and contribution of Prof. Debra Humphris.
Planned flyers for this campaign:
 DAY 1 – 05/12/17  
Daniele Mangini (CEM Research Fellow)
Luca Pietrasanta (CEM PhD student)
Lucio Araneo (University of Milan)
DAY 2 – 06/12/17
Daniele Mangini (CEM Research Fellow)
Marco Bernagozzi (CEM Research Officer)
Nicolas Miché (CEM – Course Leader Aeronautical Engineering)
Libby Jackson (UK Space Agency)
DAY 3 – 07/12/17
Daniele Mangini (CEM Research Fellow)
Luca Pietrasanta (CEM PhD student)
Marco Marengo (CEM Prof. of Thermal Physics)
Matteo Pozzoni (PG visiting student – University of Bergamo)
 You can also visit:
Libby Jackson’s twitter thread: https://twitter.com/libbyjackson__?lang=en