67th ESA PFC-Days 2 and 3

Update regarding the 2nd and 3rd day of the 67th ESA Parabolic Flight Campaign
 The flight lasts 3 hours total, comprising 31 parabolas.
CEM flyers:
Dr. Daniele Mangini – Research fellow
Mr Marco Bernagozzi – Research officer
Mr Luca Pietrasanta – PhD student
DAY 3 
CEM flyers:
Mr Marco Bernagozzi – Research officer
Dr. Daniele Mangini – Research fellow
For more photos and videos visit Image Gallery and Video Gallery.
 You can follow the aircraft on www.flightradar24.com filtering for the aircraft registration F-WNOV
Pictures, videos and other information about this campaign can be also found:

Today is starting the 67th ESA PFC

Today the flights of the 67th ESA Parabolic Flight Campaign are starting!!!
3 team members are flying for UoB (Pic. 1):
Nicolas Miche’
Daniele Mangini
Luca Pietrasanta
together with Dr. Mauro Mameli from University of Pisa.
This is our first microgravity campaign completely supported by grants of University of Brighton (EPSRC – HyHP and ESA MAP).
We have the great pleasure to have with us Dr. Sue Horne , Head of Exploration at UK Space Agency (Pic. 2).
You can be updated about our campaign also from our Facebook page.

67th and 68th PFC: Update

HyHP Project: 67th Parabolic Flight Campaign. A pre-flight check of the system in full operation. Everything works fine!

Photos from the inside of the A310 Zero-G.


Press here for a little guided walk-through of the outside of the A310 Zero-G.


And here for a guided walk-through of the inside of Novespace’s A310 Zero-G flying lab in flight configuration!


Stay tuned for more updates!

67th and 68th ESA Parabolic Flight Campaigns

Our modular experimental rack is ready for the upcoming 67th and 68th ESA Parabolic Flight Campaigns. Two different PHP Configurations, a single loop PHP and our Space PHP configuration are going to be thermally characterized during microgravity and hyper gravity slots. Synchronized high speed and IR imaging is going to be utilized in addition to the thermal characterization measurements in both cases. The rack and both experiments have passed the technical inspection from Novespace and all equipment have been loaded to a van and are currently travelling to Bordeaux for the final before flight arrangements.

Our modular rack can be seen in the back, loaded with the space PHP configuration in the Multiphase Thermofluids Laboratory in the Advanced Engineering Centre of University of Brighton. The Single loop PHP experimental cell can be seen in the front, placed on a table (Fig. 1).

Fig. 1

View of the in-flight configuration of the modular rack, loaded with the Space PHP experimental cell (Figs. 2 and 3).

Fig. 2

Fig. 3

Loading the rack and additional equipment to a van in order to start our new microgravity experience  (Figs. 4- 7).

fig 4

fig 5

fig. 6

fig. 7

Stay tuned for more updates during and after the completion of the two parabolic flight campains.