hannah thurston

My career journey: Criminology lecturer Hannah Thurston

We know the path to success doesn’t always go smoothly, so we asked our lecturers about the ups and downs on their path to the University of Brighton. Today it’s Criminology lecturer Dr Hannah Thurston, who says: “I was the first in my family to come to university… I enjoyed the independence, of moving out and having more control over what I studied.”

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Best summer crime fiction, as recommended by a criminologist

Peter Squires, University of Brighton

A criminologist with a passion for crime fiction. It sounds a bit of a cliché, but crime thrillers may have started me on this career path to begin with. I’ve always told people that my interest in law and order was ignited by Z-Cars, when believable working class characters and realistic urban settings replaced the usual, old-fashioned cerebral sleuths in country houses. But then I’ve been reading mysteries and detective stories since childhood. I started, as did many, with the Famous Five and the Hardy boys, before gravitating on to more adult crime fiction and legal thrillers. Continue reading “Best summer crime fiction, as recommended by a criminologist”