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Study proves that friendships really do matter

Until now, little research has been carried out into the role friends and, in particular, best friends play in building resilience to adversity – surviving and thriving in the face of difficult times.

The new preliminary study, by Dr Rebecca Graber, University of Brighton Senior Lecturer in Psychology, for the first time provides long-term statistical evidence of the enormous benefit these valued social relationships have on adults’ resilience. Continue reading “Study proves that friendships really do matter”

Weird Psychology – how weird can it get?

Huxley 300 Lecture Theatre,

University of Brighton

Thursday 5th May 2017, 6:30pm – 9:00pm

Fancy going on a whistlestop tour of strange sight, weird beliefs and ‘missing body parts?’ If so why not join us for the free event, ‘Weird Psychology: The science of strange phenomena’!

Two of country’s top expert Psychologists Chris French and Roger Newport will be hosting the evening to look at the science of strange phenomena as part of the British Psychological Society’s (BPS) annual conference being hosted by the University of Brighton from the 3rd to 5th May.

For further information and to book your free place visit: http://bit.ly/2plgvvC

This will be the second public event of the week, with BPS President Professor Peter Kinderman also giving a free lecture ‘Our turbulent minds: Everybody’s crazy but nobody’s ill!’ on 2 May. For more details on this event go to: http://bit.ly/2nyi6Oe



Head of School news

Apart from the usual University work, April and May have been busy with external activities in a number of areas.  These have included the British Psychological Society Annual Conference in Nottingham,  attending a range of BPS committee meetings,  and a PhD viva in Roehampton. I was re-selected as the chair of the BPS Ethics Committee and will be attending Board of Trustees meetings in an ex-officio capacity to provide support for ethics and social justice/equality matters.  I also had some annual leave!

Professor Kate Bullen

Professor of Psychology and Head of The School of Applied Social Science