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Student Support and Guidance Tutors

Our Student Support and Guidance Tutors (SSGTs) are dedicated to supporting any issues which may be affecting your wellbeing whilst at the university.

 Each academic school has at least one SSGT. They are a great source of information and advice on issues that might be impacting your studies and personal life.

Find out more about what an SSGT can do for you:

SSGTs are available for all students, including those who are undertaking postgraduate study. New students will be introduced to their SSGT in the first few weeks with us. Virtually meet your new SSGT in the video(s) below.

Falmer campus: Ant Ryan

Pavilion Parade: Helen Suffolk

We don’t just want you to succeed, we want you to feel good too; in yourself and your life, as well as your studies. You can find out more about your support system on our webpage.

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