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Thinking of choosing creative writing at Brighton?

Hear from Angelica, year 2 student who says “All of the lecturers and members of staff are so friendly and welcoming. Although I was extremely nervous, I felt at home almost instantly.”

Angelica, is in her second year of studying English Literature and Creative Writing BA(Hons) at the University of Brighton – here we find out about her experience of studying on the course.

I’m studying what I love 

“I chose my course because I’ve always enjoyed and been good at English literature and creative writing. I thought it’d be good to do something that would lead to a career that I’d be excited about. I’ve always had a flair for rhyming poetry from a young age, and I think writing is so important in everyday life. My degree is also quite open, which is good as I’m not completely sure about what I’d like to do, but I can pretty much do any job after leaving university with my degree.”

I love that my course is 100% coursework 

“There are no stressful exams under strict time limits. We get weeks to prepare our work for assessment, and the topic choices and ways of presenting them are very open for us to interpret. The staff are friendly and welcoming. All of the lecturers and members of staff are so friendly and welcoming. Although I was extremely nervous, I felt at home almost instantly. The people who stand out to me are Irralie Doel and Peter Blake, who constantly supported me through the first semester, making sure I had the help and encouragement I needed.”

I am excited for my second year 

“In year 2 I am looking forward to my second year, as I get to tailor my degree more to my interests, getting to pick two modules per semester that I’m interested in. These will help me gain the relevant skills I need for future careers. I’m also very excited to be doing a placement module, as I will be able to gain experience which will be useful and look good on my CV. Within my placement module, I hope to use my skills of writing copy and content creation in a technical environment.”

I really enjoy volunteering 

“I have started volunteering at a creative writing organisation called Little Green Pig, who run after school clubs for children aged 7–11 in the local area. It’s been really fun getting an insight into the creative minds of children, who have inspired me in my own writing in so many ways.”

My course is a community 

“All the students on my course are part of a WhatsApp group, which we created on the first week of term in our first year. It’s still going strong, and people talk on it every day, offering support, advice, sharing important information, getting to know each other, and planning meetups outside of uni. Working together on group projects helped me to connect with other students from my course as we kept in regular contact and supported each other throughout the task.”

I love being an ambassador 

“Being a student ambassador has been the best thing I’ve done so far at the university. It’s giving me a taster of what different things are like in the working world, so I’m gaining lots of experience which I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to access otherwise. I’ve been able to try out so many different things, experimenting working with all ages, members of staff and other students. If new students get the chance, this is something they should definitely do!”

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