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Vicky features in two recent podcasts, one on 1897 horror novel, The Beetle, and one on the ghost story writer, Eleanor Scott.

Meet the Beetle! Monster in the Mirror

In this posdcast, US professor Dr Lucas Kwong interviewed Vicky, who teaches on the Humanities programme, for his ‘Monster in the Mirror’ podcast, which explores the surprising convergences between British gothic texts of the Victorian period and American cultural politics today.

The Beetle, by Richard Marsh, tells the tale of a shapeshifting, gender-fluid, Egyptian beetle creature that invades London to terrorise a British politician. It is a novel which Vicky teaches on her ‘Victorian Gothic Fictions’ module.

In the podcast, Lucas discusses how the novel’s views of transgenderism and race anticipate aspects of queer-phobia, trans-phobia and Islamophobia on the American Christian right. Vicky discusses her students’ responses to the novel, the novel’s treatment of its ‘feminist’ heroine, and how the story perhaps surfaces elements of repressed guilt over colonialism.

Listen here.

Exploring Eleanor Scott with Vicky Margree and Dan Orrells

Humanities lecturer Dr Vicky Margree appears in a podcast on the ghost story writer, Eleanor Scott. Vicky was interviewed alongside Professor Daniel Orrells for this episode of A Podcast for the Curious, hosted by Will Ross and Mike Taylor. They discuss Eleanor Scott’s 1929 collection of supernatural stories, Randalls Round, which has often been unfairly dismissed as merely imitating the conventions of ghost story master, MR James.

Listen here.

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