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Criminology lecturer in Guardian article on data showing people of colour more likely to be fined for lockdown raves

Lambros Fatsis says about the figures that show that more than a third of 441 fines in England and Wales for ‘amplified music’ events were issued to Black, Asian and mixed-race people: “These statistics are shocking but not surprising.”

Lambros’s research focuses on the policing of Black British music genres such as grime and drill. He says:

“Whenever Black music is policed, we see it associated with disorder. The notion that something doesn’t belong, doesn’t count as music or art, doesn’t fit the mould of what we consider normal.

“Four cellists walking into a park to play music together wouldn’t be seen as a threat, but four or five Black kids rapping over a track on their phones might be. It’s a culmination of wider attitudes to cultural difference and notions of civility.”

Read the full Guardian article.

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