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Thinking of studying sociology?

We’ve rounded up some fascinating listens on the subject to get your mind around what is meant by sociology, its history and the types of topics – from societal rules, to shopping, to alcohol, to class – that we explore in sociology at the University of Brighton.

Discover what sociology really means by listening to these podcasts:

The Art of Habit podcast
BBC Radio 4, Archive on 4

Author and journalist Lynsey Hanley tells the story of sociology In Britain, from Its beginnings in the slums of Liverpool and London to its rise in the post-war era as the brave, new ‘science of society’ – exploring the hidden patterns of our everyday lives while offering radical new visions of British society.

Surviving Society podcast
Listen on Soundcloud

The podcast explores local and global politics of race and class from a sociological perspective.

Thinking aloud podcast
Listen on BBC Sounds

A podcast looking at new research on how society works. 

Find out about studying sociology at the University of Brighton.

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