Graduates 2021: Leonie Houching: History of Art and Design

It was important to me to focus my research on something that felt close to me personally.

Please tell us a bit about your work, your influences

My dissertation focuses on a council estate in Thamesmead, South East London and how its brutalist architecture and surrounding spaces affected the community that lives there. It was important to me to focus my research on something that felt close to me personally, as the estate is near where I grew up, but also because parts of the estate are being regenerated and many of its residents are being rehomed and I felt that it was a project that was very time dependant. I essentially wanted to bring to light the experiences and feelings of the residents who lived there whilst also trying to preserve part of their history.

How have you found your course/time at Brighton?

I have really enjoyed my time at Brighton, especially how tight knit my course was and how caring all the tutors were.

How did you choose your course – why did you choose to study that subject?

I originally came to Brighton to do Fine Art but changed my mind after hearing someone from the History of Art course tell me how good it was. I had always been torn between practicing art and learning about it, but I found a passion in conducting my own research and the variety of things to learn in the History of Art course.

What are your plans after graduation?

After I graduate, I’m hoping to get a job/internship within the arts industry, preferably something research based but I’m open to any new experiences and opportunities to learn.

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