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Brighton Students’ Union Awards 2021

The Brighton Students’ Union Awards 2021 took place this week and we’re delighted to announce two fantastic wins for the school:

Inspirational and Motivational Teaching or Support Award
Photo of GemmaCongratulations to Gemma Graham who won for Feedback and Academic Support in this category.

Gemma was nominated for making lectures stimulating and funny, as well as always being engaging and supportive to students, even under the difficult circumstances this year.

Virtual Valiant Award

Psychology society logoCongratulations to the Psychology Society. The society hosted 60 virtual events across the year including a virtual event every single week this past year without fail.

The committee has defined their members needs and then delivered the virtual space and diversity of events to meet these needs. There was always something for everyone.

The Psychology Society were also nominated for Society Event of the Year.

Congratulations also to:

  • Amy Knowles, Sociology BA(Hons), nominated for Undergraduate Rep of the Year
  • The Criminology Society, nominated for Society Event of the Year
  • Hannah Thurston & Kirsty Mcgregor, nominated for Course Leader of the Year
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