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Lecturer Anita Rupprecht discusses transatlantic slave trade on Open City podcast

In the wake of the BLM protests, podcast series Slavery and the City looks at what it means for Britain to reckon with the history of the transatlantic slave trade – and Humanities lecturer Anita has contributed to the second episode on London’s Guildhall and the slave ship, Zong massacre.

The series examines what role the city and its architecture plays in Britain’s historical and cultural identity.

The episodes contain discussions with academics, campaigners and practitioners. Each episode examines the City of London’s historical links with the transatlantic slave trade by focusing on a key building: The Royal Exchange, the Guildhall and the Jamaica Wine House.

Find all three episodes on the Open City website.

Anita contributed to the second episode called, Slavery and the City: London’s Guildhall and the slave ship, Zong massacre where “through an analysis of London’s Guildhall in relation to the Zong massacre, we explore collective amnesia, how society processes guilt with regards to our colonial past, how we can move forward, and what role – if any – does our city’s architecture play in this.”


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