Meet the staff: Lara Perry

Dr Lara Perry is Deputy Head of the School of Humanities and is a lecturer on Art Design History.

“I love spending time in museums and thinking about them like they are physical versions of books or websites (sometimes they are those things too!). In my research I am often analysing the ways that museums and the people who work in them choose to present certain kinds of artworks and the order that we see them in.

I am particularly interested in thinking about the role that women play in museums and how the things we do in museums often connect with the things we do outside of them, like shopping, talking and people-watching.

Right now I am working with some museums that are close to us in Brighton ( The Brighton Museum and the DeLaWarr Pavilion in Bexhill) and one in the US (the Peale Center in Baltimore) to understand how to make them more accessible by internet.

I am also working with the AWARE (Archives of Women Artists, Research and Exhibitions) to expand their information about women artists.”

Outside of her role at the university Lara lists her hobbies as Canadian television, french wine and running very slowly on the Downs.

Image shows Lara (right) with artist Natalie Papamichael at the opening of her exhibition at Phoenix Studios, January 2020

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