Graduates 2020: Sarahlouise Newman: Visual Culture

“I am a research historian and I focus mainly on the 20th century and specialise in war history. I am currently working at Newhaven fort and have passed a curatorship course at the National Army Museum in London.”

Hi Sarahlouise. Tell us a bit about your work, your influences etc

“As well as a research historian I am also a writer with published articles for Buzzfeed, Brighton museum and The costume society, I have my own blog called and I have an Instagram account also titled researchhistorian. I am currently writing a non-fiction book about the Occupation of Jersey during the second world war which¬† will be out on Amazon by the end of the year (* depending on covid)”

How have you found your course/time at Brighton?

“I have struggled with my course as I suffer from anxiety and at first, it was hard for me to adapt but thankfully with the help of Student Services (especially Nicolette Burns who has helped me tremendously through the hard times and has always been there to guide me), I managed to get through my first year. In year two, I managed to find my way, thanks to the placement course and the chance to get to know the students and the staff better.¬† It has been an unusual three years with strikes, storms and a pandemic, but I have come out of this with a sense of purpose and the strength to go on with my career and with the knowledge I have gained and the guidance from Lara Perry, I feel I am capable of going further in my life and career with confidence.”

What are your plans after graduation?

“I am currently looking into teaching college students or secondary school students and I will be coming back in September to do a PGCE in either college education, Religious education, History or Geography.”

Visit Sarahlouise’s researchhistorian blog

Follow Sarahlouise’s @researchhistorian feed on Instagram

See Sarah’s work in the Graduate Show 2020

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