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Student Liam Wall on the latest Humanities Society events

Second year Critical History student Liam gives an insight into the kinds of events you can attend as a student on the Humanities programme.

Returning to the academic year, Humanities Society is in full swing! Michael ‘the boulderer’ Neu and the team have lined up a great number of speakers for the coming year.

It started with Earthling Ed, an impassioned speaker who on Wednesday 2 October discussed the morality and ethics of consuming meat. The discussion was a case for less cruel, greener, more sustainable dieting, something that Brighton is proud to be a city-wide advocate for. Ed wasn’t without his mandatory HumSoc audience grilling, however in his responses you could say, he acted ‘cool as a cucumber’.

At our first “Staff meet Students” meeting, we had a number of our own lecturers discuss their own interests and studies within the field of Humanities. Cathy Bergin, Tom Bunyard, Joanna Kellond, Toby Lovat, Deborah Madden, and the ever-so-popular (excuse the pun) Andy Knott, were bombarded with questions and intrigues into their respective talks. All time-constrained and a few wines in, they quickly delivered five-minute speeches from topics such as African American anti-facism to critiquing Kant’s account of Reason. All as fascinating as the next!

Our next event featured the passionate Paul Reynolds, delivering a lecture ‘On Sexual Literacy and what it means to learn about Sex: a Radical Perspective.’ A speaker who involves his audience through the journey of kink, love and good vibes.

The HumSoc team really are a family, and to be surrounded by people who share but also challenge my opinions, and take on board what I have to say no matter what relevance it has (sorry Michael!) is so amazing and fun. It’s also an absolute laugh, whenever we have a meeting or post-HumSoc drink, it is always filled with the top banter and jokes, perhaps it’s the main reason I turn up. And finally, every speaker there will always put my perspective of the world into new light.

I want to say they provide more answers to why the world is the way it is, however, usually it has me questioning more. Humanities Society really is the place to be.


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Lizzie Amati • October 22, 2019

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