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“My time studying at Brighton has been a life-turning experience”

As part of her studies in MA Creative Writing, Elizabeth Eaton worked as writer in residence at a primary school, going on to edit an anthology of stories written by children to raise money for Samara’s Aid which works with Syrian refugees.

Elizabeth worked with pupils at Woodingdean Primary School to create an anthology called Children’s Stories Written by Children. All money raised from the fete and from book sales is going to the charity Samara’s Aid Appeal which is a charity which works with Syrian Reguees.

Says Year 3 pupil Harley: “So, I’m writing a story about animals who loose their home and have to move away to find another home and this is helping children in Syria who lost their home and are coming here to have a new home.”


About her time on the Creative Writing MA, Elizabeth says:

“My time studying at Brighton  has been a life-turning experience. Before starting my Masters in Creative Writing, I felt unsure about what I wanted to do next, I knew I loved writing but I didn’t know what I wanted to write or what my voice was.

“My time on this course has helped me to understand, what I am passionate about writing and interested in. It has expanded my knowledge in so many areas from literature to politics and philosophy.
“My module Communities of Practice gave me the chance to really use my training as a writer in a way which created opportunities, I suddenly saw how my interest and knowledge in writing could help- the forming of this anthology of children’s stories has made me see how much I enjoy using creative writing as a way of encouraging children to be passionate about learning and confident about creating within a collaborative space.
“The most memorable part of this course though has been my peers, I have met some fantastic people who are truly passionate and driven about their writing and who have inspired me to write more every day and look at the world of publishing with a more positive outlook.”
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