Call for Papers: Southern Perspectives upon Policing, Security and Social Order: Seminar and roundtable

Call for Papers: Southern Perspectives upon Policing, Security and Social Order: Seminar and roundtable

27th June 2019, University of Brighton, Falmer Campus

Critical scholarship from Southern and Post-Colonial criminology has posed new challenges to dominant criminological thinking about law and ‘order’, policing (by ‘consent’ or otherwise), community, accountability and the state. At the same time alternative constellations of relationships between the state, social institutions, communities and culture and processes of belonging and exclusion reveal far more contested terrains within which to study policing, security and justice. For, as Carrington et al (2017) demonstrate, policing in many ‘southern’ locations, so-called ‘frontier societies’ or subjugated territories, has frequently been more militarised and violent, and deployed in a typically more weaponised and conflictual context characterised by profoundly racialised hierarchies and material inequality. It follows that the policing model(s) evolving in such contexts, perhaps despite certain superficial similarities of rank or uniform, bears often little resemblance to the criminologically paradigmatic policing systems of ‘old Europe’ or the ‘global North’.     @michaelwolff2014

To this end we are inviting a range of academic researchers working on crime and security issues to discuss these emerging new crime and security agendas, all framed by a focus upon the ‘South in the North’. We have approached colleagues researching in the ‘Global South’ or whose work comprises perspectives on the South with a view to reflecting their findings and insights back upon ‘Northern Criminology’ these include colleagues who have worked in India, the Caribbean, Papua New Guinea, Brazil and Australia respectively. A wider range of researchers and scholars with research experience in the global south, including currently active PhD students associated with the above, are also invited.    @michaelwolff2014

Our aims are twofold:

[1] To establish a network of researchers whose academic focus takes in the Global South and who are keen to explore the way these ideas might play out in northern criminological and security paradigms;

[2] To produce a peer-reviewed edited collection of papers drawing upon the research presented at the seminar.

We are inviting contributions to the day and are happy to fund in-UK travel and necessary accommodation costs on the 26th or 27th, for all accepted contributions.

Themes will include (inter alia):

Violent democracies: Authoritarian forms of Policing and Security

Injustice within Criminal Justice

Authoritarian and post-colonial/post-dictatorship legacies

Highly weaponised cultures: security, conflict and resistance

State Crime, Corruption and Neo-liberal Crimogenesis

Invited/key speakers include:

Dr Viviane Cubas, Dr Graham Denyer-Willis,

Dr Fiona Macaulay, Dr Sacha Darke,

Dr Roxana Cavalcanti, Prof Phil Stenning,

Prof Ben Bowling, Prof John Lea,

Prof Peter Squires.

Organisers:  Professor Peter Squires and Dr. Roxana Pessoa Cavalcanti.

Please contact:   and/or for further details or to submit a proposal.

Images credit: @michaelwolff2014.

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