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Shulamith Firestone: xenofeminist before her time?

Xenofeminism affirms the potential of technology to open up a radical future – and Humanities lecturer Vicky Margree’s recent article in The Mantle asks whether the controversial 70s feminist was ahead of her time.

“Shulamith Firestone’s The Dialectic of Sex proved immediately controversial upon its publication in 1970. Its main thesis is that the origins of women’s oppression lie in biology: in the fact that it is women and not men who gestate and give birth to children…”

Read the full article in The Mantle.

Neglected or Misunderstood: The Radical Feminism of Shulamith FirestoneShulamith Firestonethe mantlevictoria margreexenofeminism

Lizzie Amati • January 29, 2019

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