I’ve learned so much on the course it’s insane

Sarah Watts, third year History of Art and Design student is currently doing a placement at the Fabrica Gallery in Brighton.

Can you tell us about your placement?

“My placement is at the Fabrica Gallery. I was volunteering through Active Student at Fabrica and did the summer exhibition so when they told me about the student placement I applied. It’s one day a week for a year and is split into three months working with the administrator to build up office and business skills and then nine months working with the gallery manager, learning about how the gallery functions and helping to coordinate the volunteers etc.”

How are you enjoying your course?

“I’ve learned so much on the course it’s insane. I would never have thought I would be able to learn this much and how varied that would be: from country houses to Marxist theory.

I love my tutors – they all have something very different to offer. I can be writing about something and I know that I can jump on email and email one of 10. They’re not just teachers they are fully fledged writers and researchers in the art world. Lectures are always engaging and the seminars always give us the opportunity to speak

How do the courses in the the History of Design programme work together?

There are four different pathways in the programme and we have our lectures together and then have our own separate seminar groups. We can come together in projects such as the real world research we’re doing at the moment. We all bring the skills from our pathways to guide research in different ways.




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