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The CogLit Project launches with talk at Falmer

On 31 of October, Linguistics expert Dr Patricia Kolaiti discusses ‘Literature and art as a cognitive object: towards a novel mentalistic theory of literature and art’ in Checkland Building, Falmer, 1-2.30pm.

Here, the University of Brighton’s Dr Tim Wharton, Linguistics lecturer, explains the two-year CogLit research project (Literature and Art as a Cognitive Object) is a 018-2020)>

CogLit explores a radically new idea about the nature of literature and art by developing a novel theoretical model of literature and art as a cognitive object and builds two-way interactions between literary and art study, linguistics, philosophy and the cognitive sciences.

CogLit will move beyond the existing oppositions of artifact-oriented and receiver-oriented approaches to literature and art and focus on literature and art as a case of human agency, offering a radically new view of the interplay between literature, art and mind and an invaluable new treatment of literature and art as a distinct output of human cognition.

The CogLit project will also put the case for two-way interdisciplinarity and an epistemologically robust Arts and Humanities, showing how linguistic and cognitive theories can not only influence but also be influenced by the study of literary and other art forms. In so doing, CogLit will generate not only a new account of literature and art but also a fresh field of interdisciplinary enquiry, stimulating insights that question current practices and fostering a new, cognitive program for literary and art study in the 21st century.

During the two years of the project, Patricia will deliver tailor-made seminars for UoB students and talks for UoB students and staff aiming to promote interaction with students, staff and research groups across a range of disciplines towards a mutual exchange of knowledge. It is hoped that her innovative ideas on two-way interdisciplinarity between the Arts and Humanities and the Sciences will inspire young talent and encourage UoB academics and artists to implement new two-way interdisciplinary practices.

On 31 of October 2018, Patricia will launch the project with a talk on ‘Literature and art as a cognitive object: towards a novel mentalistic theory of literature and art’ held in room E513, Checkland Building (Falmer campus), from 13.00 until 14.30.

The CogLit Project is led by MSCA International Fellow Dr Patricia Kolaiti and supervisor Dr Tim Wharton.


Patricia Kolaiti holds a PhD from UCL. She was Associate Researcher with the Balzan project on ‘Literature as an Object of Knowledge’ based at St John’s College Research Centre, Oxford. Her first monograph The Limits of Expression: Language, Literature, Mind will be published in March 2019 by Cambridge University Press. Patricia is also a published poet and performer with a strong presence in the contemporary Greek literary scene: her collection Celesteia was nominated for the 2008 First Book Diavazo Award in Greece.

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