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Annebella Pollen

Why did the KLF burn £1m?

A University of Brighton art historian is taking part in a mock trial of a rock band that burned £1m.

Dr Annebella Pollen, Academic Programme Leader, History of Art and Design, said: “We will be examining why one of the bestselling bands of the 1990s, the KLF, burnt all the money they had made in their musical careers. And then why they didn’t speak about it for 23 years.”

In 1994, band members Jimmy Cauty and Bill Drummond set fire to the cash on the Isle of Jura but neither was able to explain why. Tomorrow’s ‘public hearing’ in Liverpool, exactly 23 years after the burning, hopes to provide answers.

Dr Pollen will be on the panel along with other experts including Turner Prize winning artist, Jeremy Deller.

Also attending will be a former member of the KLF Communications team, Dr Cressida Bowyer, who studied and worked at the University of Brighton, and is now at the University of Portsmouth.

Find out more about the event in Dr Pollen’s write up of the even on The Conversation

Lizzie Amati • September 20, 2017

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