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3rd year students showcase ideas and inspiration at BUDS

The annual Brighton Undergraduate Dissertation Showcase Conference (BUDS) took place on 17th May SASS (School of Applied Social Science), and was an excellent opportunity for all our third-year students studying in the School of Applied Social Sciences to showcase their dissertation work to fellow students and staff.

As part of the conference, students had the opportunity to present their dissertation as part of a short presentation with the audience given the opportunity to ask questions at the end. Supported by the course academic team, students were able to choose topics that reflected a wide range of interests developed throughout their 3 year course.

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With over 20 presentations delivered, topics covered included ‘the violent video game debate, female offending, and mortality salience and identity on sympathy for terrorism’ to name a few.


In addition to the presentations, prizes were also awarded for:

Best oral presentation
Jenny Terry (Applied Psychology and Sociology) for her presentation, ‘Is the student-as-consumer attitude detrimental to student wellbeing?’

Best poster presentation
Tauhid Choudhury (Applied Psychology and Sociology) for his presentation, ‘The violent video-game debate: A quantitative analysis of violent video game content on aggression, prosocial behaviour and implicit inter-group biases.’

Credit achievements
Students who had gained the most credits over the year for their participation in research studies were also recognised:

For Level 4, First place – Josephine Green (Psychology), Anne-Louise Kent (Psychology and Criminology), Leanne Evan-Williams (Psychology and Sociology) and Emma Pierce (Psychology and Sociology).
For Level 4, Outstanding effort – Tal Brown (Psychology).
For Level 5, First place – Narria Forester (Applied Psychology), Grace Boswell (Psychology and Criminology) and Alice Kearns (Psychology and Sociology)

Dr. Hannah Frith, Principal Lecturer in Psychology said, “The dissertation conference is a fitting end to students’ three years in the School.  The students have worked incredibly hard and this is an ideal event to share ideas, inspiration and for second year students to learn from their experience.  It is a great opportunity to celebrate their achievements”

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