A glimpse into our SASS Applicant Day!

You would have thought that going to an applicant day at university to have a closer look at the subject offerings would have been a serious affair – yet judging by the smiles on everyone’s faces the atmosphere was light hearted, and fun! If you didn’t make it – have look below to get a taste of what goes on at our SASS applicant day.

Useful student information on courses, funding and toasties!
School of Applied Sciences (SASS) student ambassadors were on hand to talk about their courses, placements, the site and maybe the practical aspects of student life! Such as the incredibly yummy ‘Cheese and Caramelised Onion’ toasties, (or a close second, Cinnamon and Nutella waffles), available from the Falmer on-site ‘Brighton Toast Company’ café.

There were talks on student finance, funding, tours of the Falmer student accommodation  and of course how easy it is to get the bus or train in order to soak up the chilled out atmosphere of our brilliant city – Brighton!

However, we like to think that it was more ‘attraction’, than ‘distraction’ that kept everyone amused! For those that weren’t deterred by the crime scenes laid out by our criminologists at the Checkland building, there were plenty going on with subject talks and mini lectures.  Students were given a flavour for both the subject area and were given a great introduction to the School of Applied Social Science’s experienced, enthusiastic and very passionate teaching staff.

Fabulous equipment
High in demand, and for those interested in the intricacies of how human decision making is influenced by what we see, Gemma Graham gave insightful talks on the University’s very own eye tracker equipment.

There was also the opportunity to get  ‘hands on’ with the Drunk Goggles. These fun goggles simulate what it’s like to have consumed alcohol up to 0.8% limit.

This is all very well until you try and walk in a straight line or touch your nose! It makes for very funny results! However this is a reminder that no matter how sober you think that you are – alcohol not only impair your vision but your judgment too!

The infamous Psych Labs Technician – Joe!
The school has a very well-liked and some would say almost infamous Psych Labs Technician –  Joe Rennie-Taylor, who is always on hand to offer his help and advice.  As one student put it, “Everyone knows Joe and asks for his help.  He is so friendly and is always happy to answer questions or help with any advice on technical help with anything the lab offers.”


How does the Psych Labs support the Students?

Psychology students use the labs for a wide range of purposes.  The space includes a  number of 2 person, 3-4 person soundproofed rooms and a lab space teaching area (including computers and whiteboard) all of which are available to 3rd year psychology students to use.  (Handy – when they need some quiet space to write up their dissertations!)

Interviews and focus groups can also be conducted here on a wide range of psychological issues ranging from phone addiction to mental health effects of student debt, as well as using the lab for experiments.

What type of research goes on in the labs?

Some of the research that goes on includes:

  • Using eye tracking to explore the differences how having a view of nature compared to how the built environment, might affect somebody’s concentration in a library.
  • Asking people to play different video games, to explore whether violent games decrease prosocial behaviour, increase aggression and implicit biases against other groups.
  • Research that looks at whether just the mere presence of someone’s mobile phone is enough to improve their cognitive performance, as social facilitation theory predicts.

With over 100 studies on our recruitment system on a huge breadth of psychological subjects, these represent only a tiny example of what goes on here in the lab! Check out the  SASS Psych lab blog if you are interested to know more!

What do our Psychology students say?

“The applicant days are really helpful because it is an opportunity to hear honest feedback and insight from current students, which can be more reassuring for those applying to study at university. A lot of applicants want to know how they will adjust and manage in this new environment and it is comforting for them to hear real-life experiences from those who are currently studying at university. I would recommend the University of Brighton because no matter which part of the university you go to, all the staff and students are willing to support you through your experiences. It is comforting to know that you never feel like you are alone or unsupported, and any problems, whether academic or not, are dealt with effectively and professionally. ”
Louise Andrews, Year 2 Psychology Student

As an International student, I was worried about missing home and getting the most out of my course. However, plenty of events are hosted to encourage people to share their experiences and worries, as well as to provide learning support. Brighton provides an overall enriching and inclusive environment, that I was fortunate enough to experience! I would definitely recommend the University of Brighton because of the amazing support they provide, both in terms of academics and student life.
Kyriaki Tofarides, Year 2 Psychology Student

“At the applicant days potential students get a feel for the university and an understanding about the course they may be doing, not only from lectures but also from current students studying that specific course. I would recommend the University of Brighton because personally for me Brighton has always been my dream, but since being at University of Brighton since September, I have learnt that a wide range of help is available for students in order to do well alongside lectures and seminars. Brighton is a fun and outgoing place to live as a student as there is always something to do.”
Gemma Stone, Year 1 Psychology Student

If you are still thinking of applying for your course, or need to confirm your offer, what are you waiting for? Do it now and click here!

Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to study in a fantastic city, be part of a close student community, study a challenging and interesting course, taught by a team of excellent, dedicated, and creative teaching staff!

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