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Imagine a world 50 years from now – that no longer consumes animals or their by-products…

This sounds like the start of a campaign to persuade you to give up your daily McDonald’s and to start growing your own veg!  However, not quite.

What’s being referred to, is the compelling concept put to us by a feature-length BBC film aptly named Carnage, which depicts a 2067 utopia where humans no longer raise animals for consumption.

Intrigued.. ? Yes, so was Dr. Matthew Adams, Principal Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Brighton.  Dr Adams has written the article on the idea for The Conversation.

It makes fascinating reading, as stated by Dr Adams,

” Most people who eat meat express concern in relation to animal welfare, and experience unease when the death or discomfort of animals is associated with the meat on their plate.  Psychologists refer to this tension between beliefs and behaviour as ‘cognitive dissonance’.  We want to reduce the discomfort of such dissonance, but human nature means we often seek the easiest ways of doing so. So rather than change our behaviour, we change our thinking..”

Read the full article here ‘Carnage imagines a vegan utopia where animals live as equals – could it happen?

Let us have your comments to let us know what you think? Do you think that this could ever happen?

Is it really just a ‘far fetched concept’, or a ‘possible reality that exists in the not so distance’ future?




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