Heather’s long drive for politics

A University of Brighton student drove more than 3,000 miles to inject some “fun” into politics.

Heather Pontin travelled the 400-mile round trip from Brighton to her old school in Great Yarmouth no less than eight times to run an inter-school politics debating contest – and she’s planning to do the same again next year.

Heather, studying BA(Hons) Politics and with ambitions to become an MP, said: “I’m happy to do it because I remember when I was at high school not many students were interested in politics, so I wanted to show them the fun side.”

Heather organised the debates and conducted workshops for the students on a range of political topics: “I was trying to get more young people involved in politics. I think there’s a lot of apathy so it’s good to get more young people involved.

“I was surprised how interested the pupils were. They all undertook independent research and they all got into the subject. It was really good seeing their enthusiasm.”

The finals of the inaugural inter-school Great Yarmouth Youth Debate took place in the borough council’s debating chamber at the town hall.

Among guests was Great Yarmouth MP Brandon Lewis who praised the students’ skills. He told the Great Yarmouth Mercury: “They’d give us a run for our money.”

For information on politics-related courses at the University of Brighton click here.


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