Uber’s New Regulations

Gig economy is a section on the Human Rights and Business Resouce centre that I haven’t previously looked into, although I’ve been meaning to. Through there I found this article on a new ruling for Uber to be recognised as a transport firm. Previously they have been operating as a ‘computer service business.’ Uber have been in the press for a while now, along with food delivery service Deliveroo, as many of their employees are unhappy with the way they are treated by the companies.

This new ruling means that Uber’s employees within the EU are now subject to stricter regulations. This could potentially mean Ubers employees being recognised as just that. Many of Uber’s workforce argue that they should be entitled to the minimum wage along with holiday allowances.

As the ruling judge said “It follows that, as EU law currently stands, it is for the member states to regulate the conditions under which such services are to be provided in conformity with the general rules of the treaty on the functioning of the EU.” I understand that to mean that in this country it will be down to the UK government to work out what this means for Uber’s employees. But this seems like a step in the right direction at least.

Uber themselves have said “This ruling will not change things in most EU countries, where we already operate under transportation law.” Unless the UK government get their act together, I can’t honestly see a lot changing for Uber employees for the time being, but none the less this is a step in the right direction for businesses to take some responsibility for their stakeholders.

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