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Episode 27: Jesus Vélez Loor has a story worth turning into a film

No one human rights institution can deliver a perfect world. This is true even of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights which has been greatly praised in this series.


One weakness is that the Inter-American Court decides only a few cases a year. As a result only a limited number of victims find redress at San José. For example, Jésus Vélez Loor, whose case was discussed earlier, was extremely lucky that his case was processed up to the Court. But his complaints were not all accepted. Most importantly in his perspective, the Court did not declare he had been tortured.

The judgment also could not give him back his health or previous life. What Jésus would nonetheless have liked was to have his ordeal and the Inter-American proceedings turned into a film. But the Court did not order this to happen (although it ordered many other things).

Still, if there is any filmmaker interested out there, Jésus would surely love to hear from you!

To download a copy of this podcast, right-click the following link: HRM27 Jesus Vélez Loor has a story worth turning into a film

inter-american court of human rightsjesus vélez loor v panama

Marie-Benedicte Dembour • September 28, 2015

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