interpret a Turnitin Originality Report – Match Overview

Match overview gives an indication of what the submission has been matched against, and the option to see both sets of text side by side.

This gives the option to exclude sources, should they just be badly referenced, or perhaps from the student having submitted a draft copy of their paper which has ended up in the paper repository.

The text below will match against at least 5 other submissions I’ve made using Lorem ipsem text – obviously if the student was discussing something like this it would be tricky not to include the text.

Proin quis ligula fringilla, vulputate massa ut, dictum tortor. Integer dapibus iaculis congue. Nulla eget facilisis eros, id vehicula massa. Sed pretium, tortor ac pellentesque pretium, orci nisi lobortis neque, sit amet tristique velit mi ac ex. Suspendisse a bibendum purus. Morbi molestie arcu et arcu cursus porttitor. Nunc id convallis nibh. In vulputate orci nec luctus mollis.


Matches are very common. There is no hard an fast number that is bad, and the matches and are only really an indicator to help focus your lecturer spidey senses… or help students reference things better.

You can select specific matches to get more details.

if you aren’t sure what the report means get in touch with your learning technologist.

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