add a guest to a team

In the Team select manage team, then select add member.

Type in the email address of your guest.

Teams will suggest adding unrecognised emails as guests.

Add a guest


Select Add.

add as a guest

That’s it.

A guest can do specific things:

Just for info, this what your guest will see when you select “Add”

Guest gets an email and needs to select the “Open Microsoft Teams” link

email to guest

The guest will be prompted to create an account linked to the email you used to invited them.

create account

They’ll have to add a password

add a password

then give away some personal information..

personal details

Then verify the email, this is to stop people setting up loads of Teams accounts that you might not want.

verify the email

Agree to the usual hoopla

terms and conditions

Then join the conversation.


Thats it

Full details of this can be found here:

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