use your laptop webcam as a visualiser with a mirror some cardboard and sellotape

download this pdf from @jumekubo on twitter

mirror visualiser plan

print it out on stiff card, or if your printer doesn’t like stuff card, print it out on paper and stick it to some stiff card, then cut round the shape and fold on the black lines.

Glue or stick the tabs to make a sort of cardboard cheese shape, then glue or stick your mirror to the square bit.

Slide your screen into the slots and position the contraption over your webcam and it’ll show the area above your keyboard,

if you need a clean background stick a bit of cardboard over your keyboard.

glue and stick

If you now “spotlight yourself” in a Teams call you can present using this camera.

your new webcam


Jem Ryan highlighted an even easier method using an old CD and a pencil…

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  1. Francis Hodgson at |

    Just tried the old-CD one to show photographs.
    Works well enough to be usable – Much better than holding them up in front of the camera.
    And the simplicity is so pleasing !


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