setup a team and invite students to join

In Teams select join or create a team.

Join or create a team

Select create a team.

Create a Team

Select ‘other’ from the list of templates.

Select 'other' from templates

Add a Team Name and a description… try and include the module code as it is unique and makes it easier to pick the right team later.

Add a team name and description

Type email or username of people you want to add as owners.

Find owners to enrol

Set their role to ‘owner’ and then close.

Set their role to owner and then close

That’s the team set up.

Now to get students to join select the three little dots and manage team.

Manage Team

Select ‘Settings’ then pick ‘Team code’ – ‘generate’.

Select settings, team code and generate

Give this code to students and they can use it to join the team.


team code

That’s it.

Who does this?

Staff and students who want to create a team and invite people to join. If you want to remove the join code step, you can add more people directly by selecting the three little dots add member.

add member

Or three little dots manage team, members, add member.add members

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